SLEEP! Better Sleep = Better Recovery = Better Success Toward Goals!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Sleep hygiene is important to consistently get an adequate amount of restful sleep in order for our bodies to feel our best and run optimally! Ideally, we should aim for 7+ hours of good quality sleep.

When we don't get enough sleep we actually add more stress to our bodies which may cause us to store more fat and make it more difficult to obtain our goals. When we're tired then our workouts may suffer and we may not burn enough calories. Plus, we may crave high sugary carbs in order to gain energy... or take in too much caffeine that may stay in our system too long before trying to get ready for bed. Poor or inadequate sleep can effect our mood and cause us to be irritable.

During sleep our bodies rest, but are also hard at work in performing vital functions such as cellular repair (including immune response), combatting stress and leveling out our body's inflammation to a healthy level, hormone production, and building lean muscle! Staying hydrated throughout the day by drinking our 100-120oz of water will also help these body processes at work!

Good quality sleep is one of the most important factors in fat loss. When we get optimum sleep and allow our bodies to recover then we are better prepared to burn calories and fat during the day. Our body's muscle and mind may feel more relaxed, we may be more energized to get in a great workout and be in a better mood to interact with others!

To help with falling asleep try things such as: -yoga -meditation -night time or caffein free tea (night tea generally includes melatonin which helps with falling asleep, but will not help with helping you stay asleep) -limit screen time before bed! the blue light and scrolling through social media or emails may keep our mind from truly relaxing -slow, relaxing breathing for a few minutes where you inhale deeply through your diaphram and slowly exhale... longer than your inhale

(if you wakeup in the middle of the night and can't sleep... get out bed, do not watch tv or look at your phone/computer, but rather stretch calmly or go read a few pages of a book and then lay back down in bed and try to fall asleep)

We can help the quality of our sleep by having a consistent night time routine: -sleep in a cold, dark room between 68-70 deg F (can use an eye mask if needed, or blackout shades) -have a consistent schedule in the time you go to bed and wakeup - DON'T HIT SNOOZE in the morning! Get up and get after it!

Find out what works best for you & be consistent! If after trying these and you don't feel you are getting quality sleep then we may talk about supplements available.

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